Kwabena “Q” Johnson

Qworks L.L.C.

Kwabena “Q” Johnson is currently the president and sole proprietor of Q Works L.L.C., a consulting firm which he started in 2014. Prior to launching his own company Q was the project manager at Detroit Electric; an electric car company. As a project manager for Detroit Electric, Q helped the senior management team develop flexible production processes that would enable the company to build electric vehicles on multiple platforms in various production environments. He also helped them identify potential vendors and strategic partners that were key to the manufacturing. Before joining Detroit Electric in 2008, he worked for Ford Motor Company as a Prototype Specialist and Lean Management Consultant from 1996 to 2007at the New Model Development Center. As a prototype specialist he worked very closely with engineers and vendors developing new products and processes (sometime using Six Sigma for error proofing) to ensure that future vehicle models were made with the highest quality using the most efficient methods. A great majority of these vehicles were alternative fuel vehicles (Hybrid electric, CNG, Natural gas, etc.), which gave Q insight into which technologies showed the most promise; electric vehicles.

After leaving Ford Motor Company, Q has become much acclimated to the small business community, taking several entrepreneurial training courses and seminars. He’s used this entrepreneurial drive and insight to work with other Start-ups like Walker-Miller Energy Consultants and Adopt-A-Watt. His current focus is applying technologies and processes that he’s developed at Detroit Electric which aren’t being pursued by the current management such as 3D printing, modular build process and electric vehicle (ev) charging infrastructure.  He’s spent a significant amount of time developing strategies for each of these and is working with companies that can fully implement and utilize these processes. As an SAE member, he’s worked with multiple teams to develop electric vehicle charging stations.

Before working at Ford Motor Company Q Johnson was a Marine Officer Candidate (1992-1994) attending college at U of M Dearborn, he currently works with various non-profits in Detroit and has committed himself to help the emerging entrepreneur community In Detroit as well as enhance the automotive community. He is passionate about learning new things and is driven by continuous improvement.

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